Device locking

All clones are device-locked by default. This means if you create a clone on one device, it cannot be used … More

Layout inspector

The Layout inspector is a tool that allows visualizing the view hierarchy of cloned apps. You can access it from … More

Send broadcast on start

Send broadcast on start is a developer option, which sends an arbitrary broadcast when the cloned app is started. The … More

Incompatible options

As of App Cloner 1.5.27 the following options can be used on Android 10 but they are incompatible on all … More

Hide other apps

The privacy option Hide other apps can be used to hide installed apps from clones. This may include original apps … More

Hide root

The Hide root privacy option disables common root checks inside the cloned app. These screenshots are from the RootBeer sample … More

Disable photo & media access

There’s nothing stopping apps with storage permissions from accessing your photos, videos, downloads or documents. The majority of apps also … More