Floating app vs Free-form window vs Multi-window support

Here’s a short description on the differences between these similar options.

The option Multi-window support sets a flag to indicate the app is split-window capable. The Android system will then allow the app to be used in split window configuration. Normally this is limited to two apps visible at the same time.

The option Free-form window enables launching the app as a floating window but the implementation of these floating windows comes from the Android system and requires Android 7.0 or higher.

The option Floating app uses a custom floating window implementation that also works prior to Android 7.0 and may, in some cases, work better than free-form windows.

If you want to keep apps running and active in the background (e.g. prevent videos from being paused as the focus moves to another app), you should also consider enabling the Multi-window no pause option. This can be used in conjunction with any of the above options.

Hide other apps

The privacy option Hide other apps can be used to hide installed apps from clones. This may include original apps or other cloned apps. Useful if you plan to clone a launcher app that should not display certain apps.

Or maybe an app is checking for the presence of another installed app, which causes the app to behave differently or not function at all.

App Cloner Install Service

The App Cloner Install Service is an Android accessibility service, which allows App Cloner to automate app installations without requiring root. You no longer need to press the ‘Install’ and ‘Done’ buttons on the app installation screen. You can find it under Settings.

This is especially useful when creating many clones using batch cloning.

The install service also takes care to enable the install permissions for App Cloner on Android 8.0 or higher in case they are not yet granted.

Hosts blocker

The Hosts blocker networking option is a very powerful privacy tool to monitor and block individual hosts or entire domains a clone accesses.

In case you accidentally blocked a host, you may configure blocked hosts using Manage blocked hosts from the pop-up menu under the Cloned apps tab.