Color editor

The Color editor is part of the Manifest & resource options and is available starting with App Cloner 2.4. The option can be unlocked by purchasing the Manifest & resource options add-on.

The color editor allows replacing resource-based color definitions. Each color definition has a unique name and may reference another color definition or color selector, or it may declare a color code in hex format (#AARRGGBB), which can be previewed in the left square. Color definitions that reference color selectors cannot be previewed in the editor.

Tapping a color definition opens the color picker where you can use a color wheel to select a replacement color. This can then be previewed in the right square. The color editor also allows entering a specific color code in hex format by switching to the Hex code tab.

Use the search button in the toolbar to search for / filter colors by name. Use the filter button to show all colors or only colors that have been edited. Additionally, you may also toggle Show referenced colors to show or hide colors that reference other colors or color selectors.

The menu item Reset allows clearing all edited colors, effectively disabling the Color editor option.

The color editor may not work with apps that use heavy resource obfuscation.