WebView URL / data options

App Cloner 2.10 comes with three new WebView-related developer options. The WebView URL / data monitor option shows a notification … More

WebViews custom script

WebViews custom script is a developer option available to users with the large donation. It allows injecting custom JavaScript code … More

New identity

The New identity option is a popular and powerful identity & tracking option, which serves as a 1-click shortcut option … More

Hex patcher

Hex patcher is a developer option added in App Cloner 2.4. It is available to users with the huge or … More

Color editor

The Color editor is part of the Manifest & resource options and is available starting with App Cloner 2.4. The … More

App Cloner Overview

The user interface of App Cloner is split into three main sections accessible via the bottom navigation bar: Apps, Clones … More

Minimize on Back

App Cloner 2.3 offers a new navigation option called Minimize on Back, which you can use to control the behavior … More