Incompatible options

As of App Cloner 1.5.27 the following options can be used on Android 10 but they are incompatible on all x86 systems like PC-based Android emulators (no matter which Android version). Also, they cannot be used on Android 4.x devices.

  • Hide root
  • Disable photo & media access
  • File access monitor
  • Flush Logcat buffer on exit

What to consider when cloning certain games

Some games store the current game state on a server in the cloud and use the device ID to look up and load this game data.

If you start the game without any data connection (no Wi-Fi and no mobile data) and the game refuses to launch, it’s likely that the game loads its data from the internet.

In this case, try the privacy options Change Android ID, Change IMEI/IMSI and Change Wi-Fi/Bluetooth MAC address to make each clone think it’s running on a different device.

Other games use a common folder on the SD-card to store the game state. Use a file manager app to check if the game created a folder under /sdcard/ (also called Internal Storage). You can also use the File access monitor option added in App Cloner 1.5.19 to see what directories an app creates or accesses.

In this case, you can use the storage option Redirect external storage. Here, external storage refers to the internal SD-card (as opposed in private internal app storage).

Floating app vs Free-form window vs Multi-window support

Here’s a short description on the differences between these similar options.

The option Multi-window support sets a flag to indicate the app is split-window capable. The Android system will then allow the app to be used in split window configuration. Normally this is limited to two apps visible at the same time.

The option Free-form window enables launching the app as a floating window but the implementation of these floating windows comes from the Android system and requires Android 7.0 or higher.

The option Floating app uses a custom floating window implementation that also works prior to Android 7.0 and may, in some cases, work better than free-form windows.

If you want to keep apps running and active in the background (e.g. prevent videos from being paused as the focus moves to another app), you should also consider enabling the Multi-window no pause option. This can be used in conjunction with any of the above options.