Fake environment sensors

The Fake environment sensors option allows providing custom / arbitrary values to the following device sensors:

  • Air temperature (in °C)
  • Air pressure (in hPa / mbar)
  • Relative humidity (in %)
  • Light (in lx)

Note that depending on the device, certain sensors may not be available.

The API access, which is available for users with the huge donation, allows sending broadcasts via the following ADB command to update the cloned app’s sensor values programmatically (also without restarting the cloned app). This feature is available since App Cloner 2.14.

adb shell am broadcast -p <packageName> -a com.applisto.appcloner.api.action.FAKE_ENVIRONMENT_SENSORS [--es air_temperature <temperature>] [--es air_pressure <pressure>] [--es relative_humidity <humidity>] [--es light <light>]

The -p parameter specifies the package name of the cloned app, which you can see when opening the app info dialog of the cloned app under Clones. All sensor parameters are optional, only those parameters provided will be updated. The sensor values sent to the clone are not persisted. If the cloned app is restarted, the sensor values will default back to the values provided when cloning the app.