Accessible data directory

App Cloner comes with the storage option Accessible data directory, which allows you to access the internal application files of cloned apps without requiring your device to be rooted. This can be useful for inspecting or modifying internal app data files.

To make the internal app files accessible, the cloned app must be started at least once.

The recommended file browser app for accessing these files is Root Browser Classic, which makes it easy to browse and open directories under /data/data/<package-name>, where <package-name> is the package name of the cloned app.

IMPORTANT: On Android 12+ you need to use App Cloner to make a clone of the Root Browser app itself, otherwise it’s not be possible to browse the /data/data directory. It may be necessary to launch the cloned Root Browser app twice after the initial app installation for the cloned app to open correctly. You will also be asked to allow access to manage all files.

If you have a PC with USB or Wi-Fi debugging, you may also access the cloned app’s internal app data directory using adb shell followed by cd /data/data/<package-name>, where <package-name> is the package name of the cloned app. Note that this access method no longer works on Android 12+.

To find out the package name of a cloned app you can tap the version label on the app screen, which you can access by tapping the cog icon under Clones > Installed clones.

If you prefer to access a cloned app’s internal files via the network, you also have the App Cloner networking option Data directory FTP server.