New identity

The page describes the New identity option functionality as it is available in App Cloner 2.7+.

The New identity option is a popular and powerful identity & tracking option, which serves as a 1-click shortcut option for:

  • Random Android ID
  • Random IMEI & IMSI
  • Random Google Advertising ID
  • Random Google Service Framework (GSF) ID
  • Random Wi-Fi & Bluetooth MAC addresses
  • Random WebView User-Agent
  • Hide SIM & operator info
  • Randomize build props (optional, turned on by default but can be turned off manually)

This helps to prevent the cloned app from detecting that it’s running on your device. Each clone receives its own, separate and unique identity.

If Show notification is selected the cloned app shows a notification, which if tapped will quit the app and generate a new identity at runtime without having to reclone the app. You can then restart the app and the app will use a different / new identity, assuming it runs on a new device.

If Clear cache or Delete app data is selected then generating a new identity will also clear the app’s cache or data (the app data being all the internal app settings and files including the cache), respectively. This may be important in case the app stores device identifiers or other tracking information in its cache or app data. If you have any open sessions in the cloned app, deleting its app data will also log you out.

If you prefer not to do this via a notification you can always use the Clones tab in App Cloner to generate a new identity. The New identity menu item is only shown if the app was cloned with the New identity option enabled. Here you can select whether to clear the cache or app data.

The New identity option may not help if you are trying to log into the same account on different clones or devices. Make sure to use different accounts.

The New identity option is available for users with the small donation. If you have the medium donation you can also select multiple cloned apps and generate new identities for several clones at once.

The new identity broadcast API is available for users with the large donation starting with App Cloner 2.7. You can use this API via the following adb command to automate generating new identities for your clones:

adb shell am broadcast -p com.applisto.appcloner -a com.applisto.appcloner.api.action.NEW_IDENTITY --es package_name packageName [--ez clear_cache {true|false}] [--ez delete_app_data {true|false}]

The value package_name must specify the package name of the cloned app, which you can see when opening the app info dialog of the cloned app under Clones. Optionally you can pass either true or false for values clear_cache or delete_app_data.