App Bundle support for APK files

More and more Android apps are being distributed in App Bundle format, where each app consists of multiple APK files: a base APK file and one or more split resource APK files. App Cloner supports cloning installed App Bundle apps since version 1.5.

Starting with App Cloner 2.8 you can also add or download App Bundles in the APK files tab. This means you can clone an App Bundle app without having to first install it.

The following App Bundle formats are supported:

*.apks, *.zip

These are ZIP archives containing one or more APK files that must belong to the same app.


APKM is the App Bundle file format used by APKMirror. APKM files are also supported when downloading from the web or when using the Add APK file > From option.


XAPK is the App Bundle file format used by APKPure. XAPK files are also supported when downloading from the web or when using the Add APK file > From option.

Additionally, App Cloner 2.8 also allows you to add APK files from installed App Bundle apps.

When you open APKM or XAPK files from a file manager app you may select App Cloner as file handler. This starts App Cloner and automatically adds the file to the APK files tab.

OBB expansion files

For games, App Cloner 2.8 also supports OBB expansion files in the APK files tab. If present, any OBB expansion files are automatically extracted when adding XAPK or ZIP files. When adding ZIP files, the expansion files must be located under a directory called Android/obb/ inside the archive.

When you save or share an App Bundle or an app with OBB expansion files, App Cloner will save a ZIP file containing all split APK files, as well as any OBB expansion files under the Android/obb/ directory inside the archive. These ZIP files can then be imported back into the APK files tab.

Note that when sharing multiple apps at the same time, it will generate a single ZIP file containing all selected apps. Such a ZIP file cannot be added back to the APK files tab. It’s better to save multiple apps directly to the file system as this will create individual APK or ZIP files per app.

Similarly, when you select the option to bundle the original app inside a clone, App Cloner 2.8 supports App Bundles. When extracting the original APK from an installed clone or a generated APK file, it will extract the App Bundle files. In case you used the game option Expansion files > Bundle expansion files it will also extract the OBB expansion files stored inside the clone.

Note that when generating clones, App Bundles are always merged into a single APK file, no matter if cloning from the Installed apps or APK files tabs.

Keeping different APK versions

If you have made the small donation, you may also keep different versions of apps under the APK files tab. If you are adding a new APK file with the same version code, it will simply replace the previous APK file. If, however, you are adding an APK file with a different version code, App Cloner will ask you whether you want to keep or replace the existing versions.

Note that the clone settings are still shared among the different versions. If you make a change to the clone settings of one version, it will also be applied to all other versions of the same app.