WebViews custom script

WebViews custom script is a developer option available to users with the large donation. It allows injecting custom JavaScript code into WebViews used by the cloned app, which is executed after a WebView component has finished loading the page. In that sense it provides functionality similar to Firefox’s Greasemonkey or Chrome’s Userscripts.

A global object called callback is provided for the script to show dialogs, toasts and notifications. It also allows copying text into the clipboard.

Here some examples:

Showing a dialog

Provide the arguments title and message to showDialog().

(function() {
  // Show the page HTML source as a dialog
  callback.showDialog('Page source', document.body.innerHTML);

Showing a toast

Provide the argument message to showToast().

(function() {
   // Show the page URL address as a toast

Showing a notification

Provide the arguments title, text (optional) and highImportance (optional) to showNotification(). High importance notifications will be shown as heads-up notifications.

(function() {
   callback.showNotification('Title', 'Text');
   callback.showNotification('Title', 'Text', true);

Using the clipboard

Use setClipboardText() to copy text into the clipboard and getClipboardText() to get the current clipboard text.

(function() {
   // Log clipboard text to Android logcat