How to restore purchases & donations

Here are some tips to get your premium version of App Cloner running on a new device.

If you’ve made purchases via the green companion app on Google Play, then in-app purchases are linked to your Google account.

Make sure the Google account you used for the purchases is currently the primary or only Google account, in case you have multiple Google accounts. This is important as the Play Store app links in-app purchases for newly installed apps to the primary Google account and you cannot manually select another account to read purchases from after an app’s installation. To check which account was used for a purchase please visit

Restarting your device may also help as it clears the Play Store cache. Otherwise, please uninstall and reinstall App Cloner. Another possibility is to use the web version of Google Play and install the green companion app to your phone while logged into the correct Google account.

Make sure you’re using the latest version of both, the green companion app and the blue main App Cloner app from Open both apps (first the green, then the blue) after updating them.

On some devices, swiping away the green companion app from the recent apps screen terminates the app in such a way that it cannot be accessed in the background by the blue main app and therefore purchases cannot be read. The correct procedure is to first open the green app, check that your purchases have green tick icons, then press the Home button to return to the launcher screen and start the main blue app. You should now see your purchases under the Purchases tab having blue tick icons. Make sure the green companion app is allowed to run in the background in your Android system settings and also exclude the companion app in battery saving apps such as Greenify.

The main App Cloner app merges Play Store purchases from the green companion app with its own purchases (e.g. from PayPal or cryptocoins). The green companion app only shows its own Play Store purchases.

If you’ve made purchases directly from inside the main App Cloner app using PayPal or cryptocoins go to the Purchases tab, press Payment email and either select or enter & verify your email address. Your purchases and donations will then be restored. Make sure you have an active internet connection when using App Cloner, so that your purchases can be read and activated correctly. All purchases must be successfully activated before you can clone apps. The email you used for App Cloner may be different from your PayPal email.

As noted on the App Cloner home page purchases and donations of App Cloner can be activated on up to 5 Android devices. You should only use App Cloner on your own personal devices. App Cloner purchases and donations must not be shared with other people. If you need to use App Cloner on more than 5 devices please purchase additional licenses using a different email.

Please make sure not to use any custom Android ROMs or software that could change the Android ID. Reflashing ROMs or performing factory resets may also generate a new Android ID, which is interpreted as running on a different device when activating purchases and donations.

You can use Purchases > Manage devices from the menu at the top, where you can remove old / unused devices once per month. Make sure you only disable devices that you will no longer use as devices are disabled permanently. You cannot undo this action.

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