Location spoofing

The App Cloner Spoof location option works similar to existing mock location apps but rather than mocking the system location globally for all apps, the fake location is restricted to the cloned app. This means you can spoof different locations for different clones.

This option fakes GPS locations only, so it may not work with apps that detect your location from the IP address of your mobile or Wi-Fi network. You may test if an app uses network-based location info by turning off your mobile and Wi-Fi network. To hide your IP address and IP location you will need a VPN or use the App Cloner SOCKS proxy networking option.

Enter the desired latitude and longitude values or tap the miniature map to select an approximate location. You can double-tap the miniature map to zoom in or out. Tap Pick place to set the desired location using a full screen Google map (this feature is not available in the Huawei version of App Cloner). Tap Randomize to populate the latitude & longitude values with a random location.

Enable Spoof random location to fake a random location at runtime. This feature is integrated with the New identity option. Generating a new identity also generates a new random location. You may optionally specify a radius in km, which generates a random location in the defined radius around the specified latitude and longitude.

Enable Show ‘Spoof location’ notification to show a notification, which allows picking a new location in live / PIP mode without restarting the cloned app (this feature is not available in the Huawei version of App Cloner).

The Spoof location API, which is available for users with the huge donation, allows sending broadcasts via the following ADB command to update the cloned app’s location programmatically (also without restarting the cloned app). This feature is available since App Cloner 2.14.

adb shell am broadcast -p <packageName> -a com.applisto.appcloner.api.action.SPOOF_LOCATION --es latitude <latitude> --es longitude <longitude> [--es altitude <altitude>]

The -p parameter specifies the package name of the cloned app, which you can see when opening the app info dialog of the cloned app under Clones. The –es latitude and –es longitude parameters specify the latitude and longitude in degrees, respectively, and must both be provided. The –es altitude parameter defines the altitude in meters above the WGS 84 reference ellipsoid and is optional.

Enable Use IP location to periodically perform a lookup of your current IP address and use the resulting IP geo-location. The lookup will be performed once every minute. This is useful if you’re using VPN or dynamic proxies and you want the GPS location to reflect the current VPN or proxy location.

The Interval defines the frequency at which location updates are sent to the cloned app. The default interval of 10 seconds is usually adequate.