SOCKS proxy

The SOCKS proxy option allows routing the app’s network traffic via a SOCKS5 compatible proxy server. This can be used to bypass firewalls, prevent traffic throttling or to anonymize network traffic.

Using a SOCKS proxy also helps to prevent an app from finding your approximate location using your IP address. Your IP address will be hidden. Unlike HTTP proxies, which often include the original IP address inside the HTTP header, SOCKS proxies operate at a lower layer and do not send your IP address to the target server, nor will the target server know that a request has been proxied.

You can find many free (open) SOCKS proxies on the internet but these are often very slow and unreliable. You can use the Test button to test the proxy connection before cloning the app. It’s much better to use a private, password-protected proxy server. Do not use HTTP or SOCK4 proxies.

If you want to change the proxy server without recloning the app, you should considering using the Runtime modding options add-on.