XML resource editor

The XML resource editor option is part of the new Manifest & resource options in App Cloner 2.3, which can be unlocked by purchasing the Manifest & resource options add-on. It should only be used if you are an Android developer or otherwise familiar with Android XML resource files.

Misconfiguring the app’s XML resource files could break the cloned app’s installation or cause the app to crash.

The option presents a tree view of all XML resource files found inside the app grouped by resource type, e.g. color, drawable, layout, etc. For instance, if you’re planning to modify the app’s views you would need to edit resource files under layout.

Use the search button in the toolbar to search for / filter files by filename. The menu item Search in files allows searching for strings inside the app’s XML resource files. The search operation may take some time depending on the app’s size.

The menu item Restore all files allows reverting all XML resource files to their original versions.

To edit an XML file tap on it. This will open the XML code editor.

The XML code editor offers code highlighting and also validates the XML document before returning. If you made a mistake, you can use the undo button in the toolbar to revert your changes. The undo / redo change history is only kept for the duration of the code editor session.

A search bar at the bottom allows you to find & highlight text inside the XML file.

If you have the small donation, you may import or export the XML file using the menu items Load file and Save file. The menu item Restore file allows reverting the entire file to its original version.

Note that all code editor changes are saved as patches in standard diff format. This is important in case the original app gets updated and the XML file is modified. Unless the two changes result in a conflict, e.g. a change that affects the same line, your changes will be merged with the changes from the updated app and applied to the resulting XML file. Should there be a conflict you may open the code editor and view or copy the patch file.