Host mapper

App Cloner 2.1 comes with a new networking option called Host mapper, which allows redirecting requests made with a specific host to a different host name or IP address and/or port number.

This can be useful for monitoring, intercepting, analyzing or modifying network traffic.

The option allows specifying one or more pairs of hosts in the form of AB, where requests to host A are redirected to host B. For A and B you may use host names or IP addresses. You may also use wildcards, for example, while entering www​.​ would match this exact host name, writing * would match any sub-domain.

If no port number is specified for A, it will match any port number, otherwise you may restrict the mapping to a host with a specific port number, e.g. www​.​

If no port number is specified for B, it will keep and use the request’s original port number, otherwise you may override and change the port number, e.g. www​.​ → You may need to create two separate mapping rules to separate SSL from non-SSL traffic when using custom port numbers.

When forwarding SSL traffic to your own interceptor, you may need to enable the networking option Trust all certificates, as otherwise the SSL negotiation will likely fail.

By default a notification is shown for every request to a new host, whether mapped or not. By checking Silent you can disable these notifications.

The Host mapper option works at socket level, not at HTTP level. The HTTP Host header is not changed to the new host, so if the target server relies on this header for handling the HTTP request, the request may fail.

The Host mapper option is not compatible with the Hosts blocker option, meaning the two options cannot be enabled the same time. However, using the Host mapper option you may also ‘block’ requests by redirecting them to an invalid host, e.g. localhost or

Like with the Hosts blocker option, the Host mapper option does not work with native network connections as used by most web browsers, web views and audio/video streaming apps.

The Host mapper option is available for users with the medium donation.