App Cloner add-ons

Google Maps support

Enables the use of Google Maps-based map components inside cloned apps. Without this add-on, any Google Maps views will appear blank. Please make sure that the app you’re cloning is in fact using Google Maps (check for the Google logo in the corner). This add-on will not work with other map providers. Note this does not refer to the cloning of the Google Maps app itself.

Safe update

Creates clones in a way that allows downgrading to the previous version of the app without uninstalling the clone (and losing all app data and settings). It automatically creates a backup of the previous APK during the update. Useful in case an updated version of the app has added copy protection or has become incompatible and now crashes.

Export & import app data

Exporting and importing app data of cloned apps allows you to back up and restore internal app settings and files. This allows you to move clones to other devices and keep different versions of the app state as restore points.

The exported app data cannot be viewed or modified and you can only use the app data for clones of the same original app.

Android accounts, app files from internal or external SD-cards or cloud-based app settings are NOT included in the export.

The export and import process terminates the app to avoid files being locked. When importing app data, any existing files are replaced and cannot be recovered afterwards.

Manifest & resource options

Enables a number of modding options related to editing the app’s manifest and resources, as well as the App translator option. For details please see the Manifest & resource options category.

Runtime modding options

Allows editing runtime modding options of installed clones under the Installed clones tab without having to reclone and reinstall the app. This can save a lot of time when experimenting with different clone settings. Note that not all options are runtime options, some options do require recloning the app. You may also send clone settings from the Apps tabs directly to installed clones.

Add-ons do not necessarily require the premium version of App Cloner. For example, a user of the free version just wanting to add Google Maps support in clones can purchase the cheaper add-on.

You can find all add-ons under Purchases.