Hide other apps

The privacy option Hide other apps can be used to hide installed apps from clones. This may include original apps or other cloned apps. Useful if you plan to clone a launcher app that should not display certain apps.

Or maybe an app is checking for the presence of another installed app, which causes the app to behave differently or not function at all.

Hide SIM & operator info

The Hide SIM & operator info privacy option hides a whole range of personal information from cloned apps: your SIM card’s serial number (SSN), your SIM card’s phone number (some SIM cards still allow this to be read), your carrier / operator identifier, the operator name and country as well as neighbor cell tower information and current cell tower location. Basically it covers a good proportion of information provided by the Android telephony provider, including the very latest Android 9 Pie APIs.

Randomize build props

Randomize build props is a privacy option that allows randomizing all build props via a single option. This generates a random string for manufacturer, model, device, etc. to prevent device fingerprinting. It also hides the real user agent string that is sent from all web view components to servers on the internet.

Note that web browser apps do not typically use web view components, which is why the fingerprinting prevention may not work here. Please visit a page like https://amiunique.org/fp to test fingerprinting.

Incognito keyboard

Another interesting privacy option is Incognito keyboard. When entering text in clones it switches compatible keyboards into a private incognito mode where the typing history and personalized learning is disabled. Not all keyboard apps currently support this but Google Gboard and SwiftKey already do.

Officially the input method flag requires Android 8.0 or higher.

Below an example using a Gmail clone with Gboard, which shows the incognito image in the background behind the keys.

See also: https://www.technobuffalo.com/2017/07/14/googles-gboard-keyboard-gets-an-incognito-mode/

Location spoofing

This demonstrates the App Cloner Spoof location privacy option with a weather app, which detects the user’s current location.

This option works similar to existing mock location apps but rather than mocking the system location globally for all apps it’s restricted to the cloned app.

This option fakes GPS locations only, so it won’t work with all apps. Apps may also detect your location via the data network or via your IP address, so as usual you will have to try and see. To hide your IP address & location you will need a VPN or use the App Cloner SOCKS proxy networking option.

Tap Pick place to set the desired fake location on a map. Alternatively you can enter the exact coordinates as latitude / longitude.

The fake location interval defines the frequency at which location updates are sent to the cloned app. The default interval of 10 seconds is usually adequate.