Create app clones with your own activity transitions

Do you find the default activity transitions in your apps too boring? App Cloner 2.1 comes with a new Activity transitions display option hosting 15 high quality transition animations, which you can use in your cloned apps:

Fade, Zoom, Shrink, Split, Card, Swipe left, Swipe right, Slide up, Slide down, Slide left, Slide right, In & out, Diagonal, Windmill and Spin transitions

This will override any activity transitions the app uses by default and you can also turn off any activity transitions by selecting Disable.

Here are some examples…

The Diagonal transition

The Windmill transition

The Spin transition

Note that not all apps use different activities for different screens. Some apps swap out views on a single main activity, in this case there won’t be any activity transitions.

The Activity transitions option is not a runtime option, so you’ll need to reclone the app every time you want to change it. The last four transitions are extra transitions for users with the small donation.