Device locking

All clones are device-locked by default. This means if you create a clone on one device, it cannot be used on another device. This is to prevent distribution and abuse of clones. This also happens when using the premium version of App Cloner.

Since App Cloner 2.14, App Cloner must remain installed as clones created with the premium version of App Cloner will check if your premium subscription is still active. This unfortunately means you can no longer scan a QR code to target clones for other devices.

The simplest way to get a clone working on another device is to install App Cloner on that device and then use it to create a new clone. Remember that you may use App Cloner purchases and donations on up to 5 devices that you own (30 devices if you’ve made the Ultra donation).

You can always save and load the clone settings used for a particular app. If you want to transfer a clone with its data from an old device to a new device you should use the app data export / import feature, which is available as an add-on.

The Giant donation and / or Ultra donation remove device locking and the App Cloner premium check, so you can create clones that run on all devices. Nevertheless, you are not allowed to distribute clones to other individuals, groups or entities, or outside of your company, unless you have explicit permission to do so, the apps are your own apps and / or you are the copyright holder. Please refer to the App Cloner Terms of Use at

Please note that the options In-app live chat and Custom code always enforce device locking, no matter what donations you have made.