App Cloner 1.5.19

I’m happy to announce that App Cloner 1.5.19 is now available on Enjoy!

• ‘App Cloner Install Service’, which allows App Cloner to automate app installations without requiring root access (

• ‘Simple notifications’ option (

• ‘Preference editor’ (medium donation) (

• ‘Override shared preferences’ developer option (medium donation)

• Some options have been moved to the new ‘Navigation options’ group (

• Navigation options for Volume up, down, up & down key actions (

• Navigation option ‘Back always finishes’ (

• Added ‘Double back’ & ‘Start other app’ actions for navigation options (

• Home screen shortcut creation of installed clones for Android 8.0+ (can be turned off in Settings) (

• ‘Wide color gamut’ display option