App Cloner 1.5.18

App Cloner 1.5.18 is finally here. Download it now from

• ‘Hosts blocker’ networking option, which allows you to monitor and block servers or domains the app accesses on the internet (small donation) (

• ‘Accessible data directory’ storage option (medium donation)

• ‘Remove notification people’ option

• Preliminary support for Google Play Store App Bundles

• Support for Facebook Messenger 200.x.x.x.x (stand-alone version) and latest Edge browser

• The ‘Multi-window no pause’ display option allows multiple resumed activities for foldable devices on Android 9 Pie (

• Improved ‘Rotation lock’, ‘Enable TV version’ options

• Fixed crash running App Cloner as secondary user on Android 9 Pie

• ‘Select all’ for multi-selection

• Updated translations

• Bug fixes