App Cloner 1.5.17

App Cloner 1.5.17 is now available on Here are the changes:

• Fixed ‘Change Android ID’ option for apps targeting Android 8.0+

• ‘SOCKS proxy’ option with authentication support

• Privacy option ‘Randomize build props’

• Support for custom IMEI / IMSI (small donation)

• Change IMEI / IMSI: improved support for Android 8.0+ apps

• Privacy option ‘Hide SIM & operator info’

• ‘Immersive mode’ > ‘Ignore notch’ option

• ‘Hide notch’ display option

• ‘Secret dialer code’ option

• App validity developer options

• Developer option ‘Sign as system app’

• Color picker with saturation slider

• Support for new versions of Tinder and Dropbox

• Fixes for Parallel Space / Parallel Space Lite (you must update the main and the 64-bit app)