App Cloner 1.5.15

App Cloner 1.5.15 is now published on Here are the changes:

• Credit card purchases can now be made and restored using any email address (without Google account)

• 10% discount for credit card purchases (while available)

• ‘Fake Calculator’ privacy option

• ‘Hide Wi-Fi MAC address’ > ‘Hide Wi-Fi info’ privacy option to hide Wi-Fi connection info, DHCP info, Wi-Fi network scan results and known / saved Wi-Fi networks

• Fixed ‘Disable all networking’ on Android Pie 9

• Parallel Space / Parallel Space Lite 64-bit support: For every clone of ‘Parallel Space’ also create a clone of ‘Parallel Space 64Bit Support’

• Delay for option ‘Exit app on screen off’

• When reporting app issues you can now report app icons not being changed correctly