Finally it’s coming.

Finally it’s coming… App Cloner 1.5.3 will have the long-awaited Bundle app data storage option, which allows you to include previously exported app data inside the APK. This app data will be set as initial / default app data after the app’s installation or when clearing all app data. This means you will be able to generate an APK, which already ships with your preferred settings, configurations or possibly login sessions, cookies, etc.

There’s also an option to restore the initial bundled app data every time the app is started. A bit like Incognito mode but with default app data. To get this to work correctly, make sure to fully terminate the app by swiping it off the app overview screen (otherwise the previous instance of the app may still be running in the background).

The overall app data export / import procedure was also improved. For example, it didn’t work at all with Snapchat and this prevented you from easily cloning newer Snapchat versions (where the login procedure no longer works) and restoring the ‘logged in’ state. With App Cloner 1.5.3 this is no longer a problem, but you first need to update the clones to use the improved export / import.

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