App Cloner 1.5.0 add-ons:

A couple of purchasable add-ons have been added to App Cloner 1.5.0:

Google Maps support: Enables Google Maps support in clones without having to generate your own Google Maps API key. So no need to add your credit card details in the Google Cloud Console.

Safe update: Creates clones in a way that allows downgrading to the previous version of the app without uninstalling the clone (and losing all app data). It automatically creates a backup of the previous APK during the update. Useful when an updated clone suddenly starts crashing.

Runtime modding options: Allows sending & applying modified runtime options directly to installed clones without having to reclone and reinstall the app, which can save a lot of time when experimenting with settings. Note that not all options are runtime options.

Add-ons are not just for premium users. A free version user just wanting Google Maps support in clones can opt for the cheaper add-on.

You can find all add-ons under the new tab Add-ons & donations.