App Cloner 1.4.10 / 11

Version 1.4.11:

• Opacity option for floating apps

• Norwegian translation by Kristoffer Vassbø

• Bug fixes

Version 1.4.10:

• Unified Clone number dialog. Individual clone settings and batch cloning are now more accessible.

• All remaining system file pickers have been replaced by custom file pickers for Android TV and Android 4.0 to 4.3 support.

• Launch, save, share and uninstall options for the Apps tab

• New methods for adding APKs in the APKs tab

• Fixed WhatsApp cloning on Android 4.x (but without modding options)

• Fixed WhatsApp cloning on x86 platforms

• Background cloning notification

• An easter egg on Android 5.0+ 🙂

• Bug fixes