App Cloner 1.4.8

App Cloner 1.4.8 is finally available in full roll-out. Here the change list:

• Standalone stealth mode option without having to password-protect clones

• The stealth mode error dialog is now localized and uses the new layout on Android 7.0+

• ‘Long-press Back action’ launching option

• ‘Make camera app’ launching option

• ‘Make watch app’ option

• ‘Disable in-app search’ privacy option

• ‘SOCKS proxy’ option on Android 7.0+

• ‘Disable activity transitions’ option

• ‘Disable hardware acceleration’ option

• ‘Logcat viewer’ developer option

• ‘Google Play Services workaround’ option

• Random seed number for ‘Change Android ID’ option

• Shortcuts to clones are added to your home screen (can be turned off in Settings)

• Traditional Chinese translation by Majida Whale

• Fixed changing icons for Chrome, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger

• Android 8.1 Beta support