Here are the main points on my App Cloner to-do list, in no particular order or priority.

Here are the main points on my App Cloner to-do list, in no particular order or priority. Several items have been requested by users. This might give you an idea of what features are coming to App Cloner. When they are coming is another question 🙂

Let me know if you have a preference for certain features or if you have entirely new ideas.

• Convert app into launcher app (pressing Home button launches the app > Digital Signage)

• Long-press text in app to translate text in-place

• Change the phone model reported to app

• Change the Android version reported to app

• Runtime language selector via notification (developer option)

• Stethos plugin (developer option)

• Startup sound (maybe video?)

• SOCK proxy on Android 7.0+ and with authentication

• Add badge: use another app icon

• Add badge: use camera or gallery image (selfie)

• Disable all wake locks

• Disable app running in background (prevent restarting background services)

• Disable sharing from inside app

• Deep linking: expose shortcuts to exported activities inside app (as launcher icons or as Pixel launcher long-press actions)

• Pixel launcher long-press custom actions: Clear cache, others?

• Parental controls. Hours per day (weekday, weekend)/week/month, from/to hours

• Allow changing app theme (light vs dark)

• Replace game graphics/images (put your own face into Doodle Jump?)

• Dual camera save pictures to different default DCIM folder?

• Multi-process launching, use one clone to launch into multiple processes

• Allow supported clone settings to be updated for installed clones without having to reclone

• Notification priority

• Custom notifications sound (.ogg, .mp3)

• Android O notification channels

• Disallow heads up notification on Android 6.0+

• Add notification time

• Change notification icon (is it possible?)

• Floating apps drag corner to resize both width and height

• Floating apps minimize to notification

• Limit app to run on certain devices (ADB serial)

• Remove/shorten intro videos inside apps to reduce APK size

• Prevent apps from accessing contacts even if they are granted Contacts permission

• Mark clone as not updatable (no update notifications, remove it from Pending updates)

• Privacy option: Clear copied clipboard content after some timeout

• Automation option: Default clipboard data on app start

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