Hi all.

Hi all. As you may have seen the final version of App Cloner 1.4.0 is now rolled out to everybody. This latest update also works on the Android O Developer Preview.

Ryne Hager from Android Police wrote an article on the new update:


While App Cloner 1.4.0 was in beta testing I spent some time updating one of my other apps, Touch Controls for YouTube, which I had neglected for quite some time (for more than a year in fact). Touch Controls for YouTube allows you to change the volume and brightness using swipe gestures while playing YouTube videos in full screen mode. If you’re interested have a look here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.applisto.touchcontrols.youtube

Now I’m back on App Cloner working on new options. For example, an option for clones to use the new 18:9 and 18.5:9 aspect ratios on the LG G6 and Samsung S8, respectively. It’s possible that many older apps won’t be updated to support these new aspect ratios, so as long as they can be successfully cloned you can make them fill these screens.

Android O also has some interesting features such as the Picture-in-picture mode, formerly available in Android TV only. I cloned Chrome and assigned a hardware key to trigger the PIP mode while playing a YouTube video. So I’ll probably add an option to use PIP also without hardware keys.

I’ll let you know when there’s a new beta update available.


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