Here the new ‘Quiet time’ notification option.

Here the new ‘Quiet time’ notification option. Thanks LimitlessCyberpunker for the hint on how to implement the sound & vibration options properly 🙂

Gone is the ‘Silence notifications’ option, which has been replaced by ‘Notification sound’ and ‘Notification vibration’ allowing you to specify and override sound and vibration separately (both include a Silence option). In the future it might be possible to specify custom sounds or custom vibration patterns here.

There are a number of features piling up now for the next update, which I’m hoping to publish soon to the beta channel.

There’s also some good news regarding Facebook logins. I’ve managed to redirect Facebook logins to use the web form rather than the installed Facebook app. This means you can enter different Facebook credentials for the clone as it’s no longer tied to the main Facebook app. This also solves the problem with the certificate validation for some apps. Streamago was one such request, which can now be cloned thanks to this.

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