Care for 1000 Instagrams?

Care for 1000 Instagrams? Okay, I’ve obviously not tried 1000 simultaneous Instagram installs but cloning Instagram using clone number 1000 works and I can successfully log in.

Generally speaking, the higher the clone number, the more likely cloning will break. This means support for higher clone numbers very much depends on the app used.

The use case for this many clones is really focused on business and commercial use, so the feature will be linked to business licenses for App Cloner.

The feature should be available with the next update. I may need to update the UI for this as selecting clone number 1000 in the number picker took me about 3 minutes of scrolling 🙂

Batch cloning is already available but when installing the clones you still need to confirm the system installation dialog for each install. If you have a rooted device then there should be a way to fully automate app installation. I’ll have a look into this… Alternatively you could enable the cloned apps output folder, copy the clones to a PC and batch-install the APKs from there.

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